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Ezine n.5
You can download the Ezine n.5 in English and share it with anyone who may be interested.
5th TM in Zaragoza online
The last Transnational Meeting was supposed to be held in Zaragoza, but because of the unstable travelling situation, we decided to organize it online. 17 people were present online the 26th of May 2021 and each partner described the preparations and the Multiplier event in their country, each highlighting the difficulty of assembling people in these COVID restriction times. But each has done their best to achieve the target and to disseminate the Project’s results the best way they could, to as many and varied stakeholders as possible. So, we all had such a rich time together: on one side we were happy to have finished all the tasks and Outputs of the Project in time, but on the other side, we were sad for the ending of this innovative project. We will surely continue to disseminate the project’s results since we all agreed on the relevance of the Intellectual Outputs that we have all been creating for the last 3 years.
Ezine n.4
You can download the Ezine n.4 in English and share it with anyone who may be interested.
23rd of February 2021 online
During this online meeting the dissemination tasks were underlined and we focused on the 4th Ezine to be sent in order to better spread IO3: The Handbook for Tutors. We have taken more time to discuss the Multiplier event and its preparation in order to fulfill the target numbers for it.
2nd of September 2020 online
The most important discussion was about the request of an extension for the Project, since the pandemic has affected all the partner’s institutions and tasks. We all agreed that in order to accomplish our targets and get good quality results, we will need an extension in order to be able to work more on the Outputs. We also decided on new deadlines to follow once the extension will be approved.
19th of June 2020 online
The partners had an online meeting in order to check the progress of IO3, and the changes that needed to be done. We also took time to give feed-back on the Padawan Community Chart and the draft for Protocol Measures for Communication. We also talked about the Multiplier Event and how to organize it, but also about the necessity to ask for a project’s extension.
Ezine n.3
You can download the Ezine n.3 in English and share it with anyone who may be interested.
4th TM in Dolbrich online
The 28th of April 2020, during the worst days of the pandemic for most of the partner’s countries, the PADAWAN partners met online since traveling to Dobrich, Bulgaria was not feasible. The main concern was finishing IO3 and see the progress of IO1. We also took time for the feed-back on the Learning activity C1 which took place in Zaragoza, end of February. We stressed the importance of the activities that should be implemented by the partners in order to involve target groups in the PADAWAN Community.
Learning and training activity
From 17th to 21st February 2020. This learning activity allowed us to invite experts from partner countries to Zaragoza in order to test and use the platform. With a group of 18 participants from the field of dual training, we collected feedback which we will now incorporate in the EASP platform.
Ezine n.2
You can download the Ezine n.2 in English and share it with anyone who may be interested.
3rd TM in Vicenza
During the meeting in Vicenza, the partners from Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and Germany presented each one their work on the ongoing Intellectual Output 2: “Online course on soft skills for appendices in the hospitality sector”, and all agreed on the framework of next deliverable which will be the Handbook for Company Tutors. The meeting in Vicenza permitted to get acquainted with the two partners who are established there: Confartigianato de Vicenza and Pia Società San Gaetano and their various areas of training and researching.
2nd TM in Berlin
During the meeting in Berlin the consortium worked on the contents that the online course on soft-skills for appendices should have, the framework of the collaborative platform which will permit the cooperation between the VET teacher and the Company tutor, and revised the guidelines for the management of the Project. It was a very fruitful meeting since, thanks to all, and especially our partners from Berlin, we were able to progress on each Output of the project.
The project PADAWAN says Hello!
You can download the Ezine n.1 in English and share it with anyone who may be interested.
The PADAWAN Generation project brochure is now available
Do you want to know in a summarized way what we are going to do in the Erasmus + PADAWAN Generation project? You can download the project brochure in English and share it with anyone who may be interested.
The Project consortium celebrates the kick-off meeting in Zaragoza (Spain)
The Steering Committee of the European project “PADAWAN Generation” met on November 7th and 8th in Zaragoza (Spain) to start the implementation of this Erasmus+ project. During this first transnational meeting, partners from Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and Germany presented themselves and discussed about topics like WBL or hospitality sector in their countries. Plans for management, evaluation and dissemination activities were presented and approved by partners and, at the same time, activities to implement project results were organized.
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