Partners were chosen due to their commitment to the project issues addressed – youth employment, promoting of work-based learning systems, fostering access to continuing education and improving its relevance. They bring diverse, yet complementary competencies, experience and expertise to achieve the best group of organizations to carry out project activities.

Formación y Asesores en Selección y Empleo SL (
Address: C/ San Antonio Abad 21- 50010 Zaragoza is a training consultancy which since 1996 has stood for quality and innovation in vocational, occupational and continuous training by offering courses in classroom, distance-learning and mixed modes as well as by development and publishing of new solutions for learning and teaching. The company implement process of full quality assurance based on the new VETQI system (which is based on EQAVET) to ensure quality seal and being the precondition for joining the platform established in this project.
As a training center, FASE gives priority to the need for resource optimization, process improvement and satisfaction of employees, suppliers and customers. FASE is specialized in teaching hospitality & tourism and its offer includes more than 22 training courses in this sector. According to national work based learning system and in coordination with the regional office of employment, FASE offers 11 official vocational grades for adults.
The institution has designed, managed and successfully implemented more than 50 European Innovation Projects for lifelong learning, under the European Commission program, with more than 400 European entities. This experience has allowed FASE to be permanently at the forefront in the field of training and education.
Another demonstration of the institution’s excellent work is the e-learning platform “e-SUMO” developed by FASE that has won the National Award for Excellence in Corporate e-learning 2.011 awarded by APEL (National Association of E-learning Providers). FASE is certified with the quality management system: 'DIN EN ISO 9001:2015'
Cámara Oficial de Comercio, Industria y Servicios de Zaragoza
Address: Paseo Isabel la Católica 2 – 50009 Zaragoza
The Chamber of Zaragoza was founded in 1886 and our current 45 high-qualified specialists have a great expertise in the design and provision of services focused on helping and supporting our SMEs by training, advising and promoting activities.
The Chamber of Commerce of Zaragoza works with the representatives of the Department of Education of our Regional Government and the rest of the education community in the VET field since 1993.
Training and Employment Department is one of our biggest and most important departments in the Chamber. Our main target groups are companies and their employees as well as those who are actively looking for employment or in an entrepreneurship process. This Department has a large expertise and experience in the design of the training programs (workshops and modules) according to the needs of the companies.
The Chamber of Zaragoza also collaborates with the regional and national Employment Institutes in the framework of the Programs PIMEI, to increase the employability of the unemployed people by actions related to career guidance, training and reinforcement of skills, and PICE, in the framework of the National Youth Guarantee System.
We are certified by UNE-EN-ISO-9001:2008 (Quality Management System) and UNE-EN-ISO-14001-2004 (Environment Management System). The Chamber obtained the '2016 Quality Award for Erasmus + projects in the field of vocational training', which recognizes the optimal management of its projects and trajectory in European educational programs.
Confartigianato Vicenza
Address: Via Enrico Fermi 134 – 36100 Vicenza
Confartigianato Vicenza is a private not-for-profit entrepreneurs’ association and Business Support Organisation (BSO) based in the city of Vicenza, north-east of Italy. It was founded in 1945 and throughout its over 70 years of activity it has grown to become the largest employers’ organisation in Italy with over 20,000 members. It aims to represent business values effectively in the development of policies that are favourable to employment, wellbeing and the quality of life.
The main areas of activity of its 500+ employees can be grouped as follows:
  • Advocacy and lobbying activity: to defend the interest of the member companies in front of the Policy Makers (at local, regional, national and European level);
  • Provision of services: to provide companies with a wide and qualified range of services, supporting them in 'everyday activities';
  • Promotion of economic initiatives, aimed at favouring the aggregation processes among companies, in order to overcome some of the constraints determined by their small and micro dimension.
Confartigianato Vicenza has been supporting SMEs since 1945. It offers qualified services for entrepreneurial development that support SMEs in their development, growth and innovation.
Pia Società San Gaetano
Address: Via Mora 12 – 36100 Vicenza
Pia Società San Gaetano is a VET training center with 750 students which offers six courses, one of them hospitality and restaurant worker. In this sector PSSG trains 250 students per year, and realize several activities of adults retraining each year. There are also specific courses for students with learning difficulties, offering retraining courses to adult workers, training to migrants, work experiences and activities to obtain specialized licenses: these courses are mainly meant for adults mainly in the field of hospitality and restaurant workers.
In September 2016 PSSG started a national experimentation of the dual system for hospitality and restaurant workers where they work with companies and national authorities to develop materials and templates for the evaluation of skills for use by the company tutor.
PSSG have a strong cooperation with companies of our country and trade associations of small and medium enterprises as Confartigianato and Apindustria: these partnerships are meant mainly for work experience of the trainees and the development of innovation methodologies and equipment.
Culinary Arts & Hospitality Association
Address: 3 Bulgaria Street – 9300 Dobrich
'Culinary Arts and Hospitality' Association is a culinary and hospitality sector cluster for Northeaster Bulgaria. Its main objective is to contribute to the development of comprehensive high value-added tourist products in its region of operation and to build a lasting and strong relationship between education and business in support of regional economic development and social cohesion. In view of contributing to the development of the right skills and to the creation of new jobs in the hospitality and culinary sector, the Cluster promotes innovations by facilitating the knowledge-transfer links between training institutions and business entities operating in the sector or in other related sectors.
CAHA supports the economic development of the region through organization of staff trainings, transfer of expertise and know-how, promotion of innovations and product diversification in the fields of tourism and culinary arts, encouragement of the use of advanced technologies, social media and IT resources, promotion of rigorous quality standard, etc.
In the recent years, the experts contributing to CAHA’s work broadened further their expertise in the field of tourism and culinary arts through participation in thematic workshops, national and international competitions and exhibitions, through providing consultations and know-how to the cluster members, exchange of good practices with similar structures in Europe, and through working in or in close cooperation with training institutions.
Following its mission, CAHA has also been involved individually or as part of international consortium in a number of projects funded under different programs such as Erasmus +, INTERREG Balkan-Mediterranean, etc.
Kiezkuechen gmbh
Address: Nordendstr. 50 – 13156 Berlin
Kiezküchengmbh (KK) was founded in 1991 as member of the bildungsmarkte.V. consortium of vocational training centers, one of the biggest private, non-profit training organizations in Berlin, offering training for various sectors. KK trains young people who have left the usual or formal apprenticeship systems to become experienced cooks, waiters or housekeepers. The people with whom KK works generally have little or no experience in professional job environments and low self-confidence to find their way in surroundings other than their own social milieu. Within KK, they learn to integrate, to be aware of their strengths and their capacities of action to undertake. They benefit from individual training tailored to the needs of today's professions for which they receive nationally and internationally recognized professional certifications or diplomas. Thus, KK offers a qualification programme that is constantly being developed: modular training, individual skills assessments, apprenticeships, etc..The aim of all these training offers is to enable people to enter the labour market at local, regional, national or European level.Most of their training restaurants, service companies, commercial workshops and consulting centres are open to the public.
KK's partners are governmental organisations, institutions, professional associations, companies, schools and training centres. Furthermore, KK has been actively involved in EU programmes for over 10 years, coordinating extensive training programmes with internships for the young and old. KK has a strong background and expertise in networking capacity at the regional and national levels. KK has been a recognized partner for years by its peers and works in close cooperation with national associations such as DEHOGA (the largest German national catering association) with whom he produced a famous 'Eat-Sleep-Drink' campaign
KK is certified according to the quality management system 'DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008' and has the following national certificate: 'AZAV – Akkreditierungs - und Zulassungsverordnung Arbeitsförderung'.
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