Collaborative virtual environment – European Apprenticeship School PADAWAN and PADAWAN Community
An online space designed to guide, to normalize processes and to establish tasks for each one of the 3 actors involved in the work-based learning system. The main aim is to promote a new methodology for the improvement of 3 actors’ competences during the process of the work-based learning system.
This intellectual output has the following goals:
  1. To define the tasks of the persons involved in the process of the working-based learning
  2. To define the communication needs that Company tutor and VET trainer have in the training process and therefore, the protocol that must be set to promote the correct communication between them
  3. To create an online space where the entire learning process, in the company and in the training center, is monitored by the persons involved – coordination of apprenticeship training
  4. To create an online space where the apprentice have specific resources to improve his/her employability during the training in order to promote the pro-activity of the learner - Orientation of apprentice’s career
  5. To create an European online Community where all actors involved in Apprenticeship system at European-level can be registered and be in touch, sharing documents and know-how
Transversal training module for the development of SOFT key-competences in hospitality sector
This training module is designed to develop apprentice’s transversal competences, particularly in order to:
  1. Have the ability to make decisions in an agile, informed and sensible way
  2. Have good communication skills, both oral and written
  3. Know how to adapt to the circumstances and not fear the new challenges
  4. Know how to work in a team, in an open, transparent and constructive way,
  5. Know how to comply with the orders of your superiors at work
The overall objective of the course is to improve their employability by improving their adaptation to the new job, to let the learner understand how he/she can perform on-the-job-learning in a company setting, parallel to business procedures, and to be proactive in his/her training pathway
Handbook for company tutors in hospitality sector
This Handbook wants to detect needs among the company tutors in the hospitality sector when performing their training with the apprentice and, to provide solutions through the acquisition of new train of trainer’s competences. It will be a guide to provide tutors of students-apprentices in the hospitality business with the necessary basic competences that will facilitate their training and help them in the planning of training, reception of the apprentice, accompaniment, transmission of knowledge, tutoring, supervision and evaluation of training.
In order to develop contents partners will ask directly to company tutors in their countries with the aim to implement useful contents and of real application in the hospitality sector.
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